October 10, 2016

Paris Couture Week Fall 2016 // Ralph & Russo

I watched almost the entire video of Ralph & Russo's Fall 2016 Collection with one breath! It's always a great pleasure for me to see Tamara Ralph's designs, because they all have her signature and you can recognize them within a glimpse! In my opinion, it is a very important attribute of someone's work, especially now that just the famous designers are a few hundreds.

Feminine silhouettes, elegant fabrics, glamorous details. All clothes are handmade, even to the smallest detail, like the embellishments, the crystals, even the prints! But, of course, this is what "Haute Couture" is all about.

I couldn't pick just one favourite, but if I had to, for some crazy reason I cannot think of right now, it would be that pink rosetted one, like a gigantic rose. Did you pick one?

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All photos c/o Ralph & Russo

October 4, 2016

My Chevron Garden

Top // Stradivarius, similar here
Shoes // ASOS (sold out), similar here
Purse // ZARA, similar here

Hello my lovelies! It's been a while... I was (still am actually) down with the flu and I don't seem to get better anytime soon. I had fever until last night and I am coughing like a donkey, as my grandmother would say... Oh, and I can't hear from my left ear, haha! Today I am going to the doctor to see what needs to be done for a quick and full recovery.

Since I felt slightly better this morning, I decided to post one of the many outfits that have piled up on my drive and I chose the one that makes me dream of gardens with big exotic flowers. You cannot imagine how I have missed being outside! It's been a whole week I am sick and it feels like a decade!

|barefoot duchess|

Photos by The Duke

September 30, 2016

I Don't Care What Vogue Editors Think...

I am not going to write down the words that actually come to my head when thinking about Vogue's latest article about Milan's Fashion Week and their editors' opinions on bloggers, because I am polite and because I don't care what they say/think/believe about me and my work. And you wanna know why? Let me tell you why, in bullet-points:

- I am a personal style blogger, not a stylist or a designer or a fashion editor not even a fashion journalist. I am blogging about my very own personal style, I don't follow the trends, I don't have a degree in fashion, I am not aware of all the designers of past and present and actually I don't want to

- I loathe hypocrisy. One day they pay Chiara Ferragni (Vogue Spain and Vogue Turkey) to be on their cover and the next day they stab her in the back in the most pathetic way. Yes, this was personal, all those things they pointed out as "awful", "distressing" and "embarassing", Chiara does them. Oh, and she is also killing style...

- Also, Vogue pays photographers to cover fashion week streetstyle where the 80% of people on the photos are fashion bloggers. Yes, those they are mocking and resembled with strippers*. Now, that's what I call "awful, distressing and embarassing"
*there is nothing wrong with strippers, the Vogue editors said there was

- I cannot respect or take into consideration people and publications who think Kim Kardashian is a style/fashion icon and put her on their front cover and at the same time call out fashion bloggers. What's the difference, please explain to us. Oh, wait, I know! You pay Kim gazillions but you use bloggers' streetstyle photos for free. That makes sense...

- I don't even read/buy Vogue magazine anymore. It's been 5 years, maybe even longer, since the last issue I bought. I only read some of their reviews only about the collections that interest me. And that's online

The above should do.

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Photo via here

*Click on the link below to read it in Greek

September 21, 2016

Travel Diary // Paris - Part I

A dream came true! I went to Paris with my Duke and had the time of my life!! We celebrated our 10th year anniversary being married and the 20th as a couple. It was definitely a trip to remember and I want to share our best moments with you, but I am going to split it into 2 or 3 parts so I can fit everything in and not bore you. Enjoy!

Top,Shoes,Backpack / Stradivarius
Skirt / Chicwish, buy it here

We stayed in a 3-star hotel between the 8th and the 9th arrondissement (district), near the Palais Garnier (the Opera). It was a lovely neighborhood with cute brasseries and bistros, small local theaters, the metro station of Madeleine very near and many shops and shopping centers like Printemps and Galleries Lafayette. I didn't go to either, since we decided to spend our time visiting monuments and landmarks instead.

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I personally recommend:
*Les Caprices de Charlotte (boulangerie) for breakfast - ask for the butter croissants
*Le Grefullhe (brasserie) for small dinner - ask for the croque monsieur

September 6, 2016

Getting Sporty

Top // H&M (old), similar here
Sneakers // Stradivarius, similar here
Bag // Carpisa, similar here
Sunnies // TopVintage, similar here
Headscarf // Stradivarius, similar here

I am pretty sure it is the first time I ever wore sneakers on an outfit post and I suspect that this will not be the last! I bought those cuties couple of days ago from Stradivarius for our trip to Paris and I think I am in love... They are super comfy and very pretty, and I adore the pink detail on the back and their round shape. I can wear them with my skirts and dresses without feeling awkward. And I can walk a lot! I already tried them while shopping in IKEA (for 3 hours!) and they passed the test.

|barefoot duchess|

Photos by The Duke

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